Childless Couples

Childless Couples

People marry for a comprehensive purpose to have a spouse and to have children. Then only the family gets complete. It’s very natural desire fo e man and woman to have children. Especially Women are highly excited and await motherhood. Many women marry for the sake of having children and motherhood is a dream of every woman. Even men feels complete once they become father. And even the whole family is very happy and eaglrly wait for grandchildren and arrival of new baby.

Some couple don’t get the blessing of having children after marriage even after very long time. Some people have problem in conceiving itself. Some will have problem after conceiving won’t get good growth or some genetic problems and they may terminate the pregnancy or it may get terminated on its own. Hence couple will eventually turned to be childless couples. And the days pass very drab and meaningless for them. They long for child in their life so strong. They do everything possible. All medical tests would show no problems with any of the partners.

Children in astrology are seen from the 5th house of the birth horoscope and the karaka Jupiter. And also having children is the fruit of previous births and children are result of past good and bad records of a person. Childless couples the reason could be of any one of the persons horoscope Dosha or both the couple may have some dosha in Horoscope. Or some time the problem may be temporary due to some planetary positions. For this Experts like Pandit Vishnu who is the best world famous astrologer and Guru would be able to help. He will read the horoscope of the couple and find out the current planetary positions to provide the remedy for your childlessness and you will sure to enjoy the parenthood. There are different types of cure for Childless couples to where they would have some curse of childlessness for their past deeds.

Some cases men would have problem and in some cases women would have problem like continuous miscarriages. For all these situations some specific reasons would be there in astrology. Pandit Vishnu is an expert in solving problems of Childless couples through various remedy and bless the couple with cute children. And many childless couples approach him every day from UK and other places and get the cure for their problem and go happily with compete family with cute kids.

Examining some childless couple’s horoscope may reveal the possibility of offspring in Man’s horoscope 80% and woman’s horoscope 20% and some couples it may be vice versa. In such cases proper remedial measures are found and advised to the couples. Sometimes some pujas are performed to clear the curse. And is astrology it’s all about right timing and right things. Pandit Vishnu the expert in service to childless couples will assess the horoscope of the couples and give remedies for maximizing the natural conceiving of the child, escaping miscarriages, Probable time of conception and so on. He will also guide you with Delivery procedures and so on. All are based on the couples horoscope and astrological relevance in childless couples. So if you are one such couple call Pandit Vishnu now to go happily with new arrival of new member in your family.

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