Husband & Wife Problems

Husband & Wife Problems

Marriages are made in heaven. But not all the time it stays as it is. Sometimes the marriage relationship goes through tough time and it seems all hell. At that time both Husband and wife goes through hell. And don’t know who caused the problem but it becomes huge monster like to manage. Husband and wife problems are so sensitive. We won’t know, what did each of you did to contribute to the breakup? Most of the relationship troubles do not arise suddenly but builds up over a long time. Some time it is one sided problem. Many a time it is both side problem. But the Husband and wife problem started to make their life miserable. Both of you can’t concentrate in anything for good. Can’t live together and can’t leave too. But one thing is sure you are stuck in the Husband and wife relationship problem.

Most of the time the breakup happen due to failure to communicate and not knowing to communicate properly. Initial bickering lasts long and leads to a big explosion and then it becomes very difficult to handle. Sometimes the Husband and wife problem revolves around infidelity or jealousy. But there is no end to any of these things. You may be in confusion and desperation to do something unwanted. But do not do that. Which will not lead to any good to anyone. In those times you can contact Pandit Vishnu who is a kind counselor, Best world famous astrologer and expert in solving Husband and Wife problems. He will assess the problem psychologically, and planetary positions will be assessed and then give right solution through astrology.

Whatever may be the current situation of yours like both husband and wife want to end the relationship and one of you do not want to do that or you would have already in breakup. Pandit Vishnu would identify the causes and reasons and give exact solutions which will enable both in solving Husband and wife problems.

Any one might have strong feelings for other person but both might not be compatible. Or everything was fine suddenly the Husband and wife problem started and the relationship becomes toxic, you need to move on. How would you do that? And you can’t do that alone. Pandit Vishnu will enable in astrological remedy though Psychic assessment. He also performs pujas for reuniting with loved ones and clearing Husband and Wife problems.

Husband and wife problem comes mainly through abuse, lack of trust and faith in each other, unfaithfulness and many reasons. But whatever is the reason when you had spent good times and want to continue you must overcome the situation. This may be due to temporary adverse planetary positions but due to your lack of that knowledge you would take wrong decisions. But approaching Pandit Vishnu the best and world famous astrologer can relieve you from the problem by giving awareness of planetary positions to both Husband and wife and educate them and give them all the remedial measures to move on in the relationship.

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